Design Build 2/2020 — individual progress report (SOPet)

— Bhakamol Intanil (SOPet)

Week 1 & 2

This is how the current website look like.

For this reason, we decided to hire a new developer to fix these issues. The new developer agreed to write a new website for us by improving the code from the current website. The developer required us to send him a new website user interface design by January 30. Therefore, my task for week 1&2 was to design a website UI, together with Chawin and Best (Kophong), who offered to help us design the website UI.

Figma is used as a tool to design the interface, here are how some of the new interfaces look like so far.

chat page

Week 3

In addition, me and the team also had a meeting with our mentor, p’Tan, on Saturday 6th, Febuary. The meeting consist of a brief update on our progress and milestones, Q&A session, and a lesson on OKR (Objective and Key Results). pTan mentioned on benefits of using OKR framework and how can it be used as a tool to promote growth of a company. He also let each of us come up with our own OKR for SOPet as well. The task he assigned us to do for this week is to combine all member’s OKR and create one big OKR for SOPet.

Week 4

For the weekly meeting with p’Tan, we discussed further on our personal OKRs. p’Tan let us explain and ask each other a constructive questions as well as giving some comments. At the end of the class, we dicussed on the team OKR that came from all the members’ combined. Together, we discussed on further plan and how are we going to follow the OKR, as well as writing a new more realistic OKR for the year 2021–2022.

Week 5

This week we also had a team meeting to discuss about business model improvement and possible future business expansion/plan that would help us increase our margin, as well as discussing on our 5 years financial projection.

As for the mentoring session with p’Tan, in the beginning of the session we focused on homework from last week which is creating a more realistic OKRs for the year 2021–2022. Then, we moved on to the second half of the session, in which we discussed about the technical management of the website. This part of the session was delivered by p’Film. p’Film give us advice on the agreement process with the developer. She advised us that we should create a sheet that contain specific functions/flows of the website with a specific timeframe for the developer when arranging an agreement with them. This is to avoid any possible issues/unsatisfying outcomes that can happen from misunderstanding.

Week 6

In addition, this week we didn’t have a mentoring session as p’Tan was not available.

all the icons I designed and created for this week.

Week 7 (Midterm Exam Week)

Week 8

Our meeting session and with a flowchart that we brainstormed

Week 9

Furthermore, on Monday Dr. Pietro took us for a tour at TusPark WHA to as well as to talk with them about office renting in the future. They also agreed to let us use the co-working space for free for 2 months.

Our combined flowchart / journey

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12 (Songkran holiday week)

the developers demonstrated us the website during the meeting

Week 13

Developers demonstrated us the video call function

Week 14

Week 15

Week 16 (final exam week)

The completed website

Overall, our progresses did not really meet the milestones as there were issues with the website development, which require find the new developers and restart the website development procress.



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