Design Build 2/2020— SOPet Journey

I have been working on this project ‘SOPet’ for roughly a year now. Our progress improved a lot from the beginning. We now have over 10,000 likes on our Facebook page with over 2,000 paid customers. Our objectives for this semester were to expand our customer base and basket size, aiming to grow even bigger, as well as to complete the website.

This semester we once again asked for p’Tan as our mentor. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, we only met physically once. This semester, p’Tan assigned each of us a clearer task/department, which are the basket size team, product owner team, and the UX/UI team. I was in the UX/UI team and was responsible for the UI design and the progress of the website. In my opinion, having clearer roles made the team a lot more organized and helped with the communication within the team. In addition, the workshops for this semester consist of setting OKRs for SOPet, customer journey, clinics session, and progress/learning reflection.

One of the most memorable workshops from this semester for me was the OKRs workshop, as we spent several weeks exploring this topic. I had never known about OKRs before. During the workshop, each of us got to come up with our own OKRs, for Ping An Good Doctor at first, then for our project, SOPet. I didn’t really understand how it should be like at first but I still managed to come up with mine. The components of the OKRs consist of the Why, the O (objectives), and the KR (key results). After coming up with many OKRs for different years, I finally started to have a clearer sense of it. We then combined our OKRs together to come up with the big OKRs for the team. I found this OKR framework very interesting and useful for setting goals. Also, during the workshop I imagined us reaching the objectives, and it kind of gave me a sense of direction of where we should go next.

The other memorable workshop was the customer journey one, which consists of activities where we had to imagine and draw scenarios for different situations within a very short amount of time. It was very fun for me, as well as very interesting that each of us can come up with a variety of different scenarios for just one situation. The workshop allowed me to understand the steps that customers need to take when using our service and the challenges they might face a lot better.

As for my favorite part of the class, what I like most about the class was that we got to ask each other a lot of questions during all the workshops. It was kind of hard at first to come up with that many questions but once I got the hang of it, it started to get really fun. It allowed me to see the perspectives and goals of each team member on the project much more clearer.

Altogether, this class did not only guided me to see the clearer objectives and direction of SOPet, but also gave me a lot of insights, knowledge, and skills that I can apply to other things in my life. I feel like now I can come up with a lot of different questions much better! Moreover, our website is finally completed as well, on time with the end of the semester!

Lastly, I would like to thank p’Ronnie and p’Tan for providing us this insightful and memorable mentoring session and for giving us helpful advice and guidance. I would like to thank also all of the team members for working hard together during the semester. Let’s make SOPet grow even bigger together!



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