Product Entreprenuerisation 1/2021 — SOPet Weekly Report

Week 1 (16–22 Aug, 2021)

User experience virtual interview with the vet (vet name censored)

Week 2 (23–29 Aug, 2021)

Week 3 (30–5 Sep, 2021)

Week 4 (6–12 Sep, 2021)

meeting with programmers from the faculty of engineering

Week 5 (13–19 Sep, 2021)

Terms and agreements page on Figma

Week 6 (20–26 Sep, 2021)

some of our CI designing reference (image source:

Week 7 (27 Sep–3 Oct, 2021 / MIDTERM)

UX/UI work plan (confidential information is blurred out)

Week 8 (04–10 Oct, 2021)

Week 9 (11–17 Oct, 2021)

part of the document containing our research objective, participants’ details, and interview questions

Week 10 (18–24 Oct, 2021)

UX/UI team work plan for the user research stage

Week 11 (25–31 Oct, 2021)

Week 12 (01–07 Nov, 2021)

Week 13 (08–14 Nov, 2021)

some part of the user flow for Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University

Week 14 (15–21 Nov, 2021)

the new application’s user flow




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Bhakamol Intanil

Bhakamol Intanil

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