Product Entreprenuerisation 1/2021 — SOPet Weekly Report

Week 1 (16–22 Aug, 2021)

On Wednesday this week, I had a meeting with Chawin, Jaguar, and Best (Kophong) to discuss the development of the SOPet application before the meeting with programmers from the Faculty of Engineering from the Innodating Program on Saturday. For the development of the SOPet application, me, Best, and the programmers will be working together. Best will be responsible for the research and design of User Experience, I will be responsible for the User Interface design of the application according to data collected from the UX research, as well as partly helping Best on conducting the research, and the programmers will be responsible for the coding of the application. The programmers will be working in two groups, one will be responsible for the main application for customers and the other will be responsible for the application for vets.

User experience virtual interview with the vet (vet name censored)

Week 2 (23–29 Aug, 2021)

For week 2, the UX/UI team which consist of Best Kophong and me, had again a meeting with the programmers from the Faculty of Engineering to discuss on our work plan. However, the plan was not yet finalized as the programmers will need to discuss with their professor first. As for now, the programmers will work on the same pace with their course. The expected outcome from the programmers for this semester is a complete UX/UI design of the application.

Week 3 (30–5 Sep, 2021)

For this week, I had further meeting within the UX/UI team to discuss on the update of the user interface design on some part of the website as there are some parts that need to be changed according to the new law.

Week 4 (6–12 Sep, 2021)

For this week, the team had a meeting on Tuesday to discuss on whether we will welcome or not the two new programmers to the team who would become the CTO of SOPet and would create the whole application for us in exchange for shares of profit from SOPet. The team have agreed to welcome the new programmers. The team also discuss on share division within the co-founders of the team as well as discussing a bit on next phases of SOPet after the new programmers start working. I also received a request from Kul, who from the vet relationship department, to add some minor changes in the website’s UI and flow, which was to add a disclaimer for pet owners to always take their pet to the clinic or hospital after the remote consultation with our vet on a review page.

meeting with programmers from the faculty of engineering

Week 5 (13–19 Sep, 2021)

On Monday, the UX/UI team had a meeting together with the two new programmers to discuss about the current situation of the website and their roles in the team in the future. The programmers have requested to see the code of the current website and suggested that we should re-do everything from scratch including conducting UX/UI research as the current website is quite poorly written.

Terms and agreements page on Figma

Week 6 (20–26 Sep, 2021)

For this week, the design team focused on creating the corporate identity (CI) of SOPet, as suggested by the new front-end developer, to strengthen our cohesiveness among members in the team as well as to establish the positive brand image of SOPet. Meeting was held within the UX/UI team to discuss and finalize the suitable elements of corporate identity of SOPet including main colors palette and fonts to be used in our future media and application interface design. We were thinking of focusing on using 3 main colors (maybe light brown, baby blue, and white) with some san-serif font (either prompt or kanit). We also discussed about designing a logo for SOPet as well. During the meeting we have found out that designing the new logo by ourselves can be a bit too challenging as almost all of the logos of pet related brands we found on the internet look very identical (almost all logos use either blueish or greenish color with the silhouettes of cat and dog) and it might be too tough for us to design a logo that can be easily distinguish from others by ourselves. Therefore, we decided to look for freelancer to do this for us. The elements of SOPet’s corporate identity will be finalized later after the midterm exam period and I will start contacting the freelancer after that.

some of our CI designing reference (image source:

Week 7 (27 Sep–3 Oct, 2021 / MIDTERM)

As week 7 was midterm exam week, I decided to halt most of my tasks to review lectures and prepare for the exam. For this reason, my sole task for this week was to create a Gantt chart illustrating and describing the timeline and work plan of the UX/UI design of the new application development with the two new programmers. The period covered in the work plan is next week until the end of January 2022.

UX/UI work plan (confidential information is blurred out)

Week 8 (04–10 Oct, 2021)

For this week, the UX/UI team has been working according to the work plan, which is collecting feedbacks from our current customer as well as preparing survey form and questionnaire for the interview with our customer for the UX research of the new application development. The UX/UI team also had a meeting together to discuss what data do we need and what would be included in the interview. We also discuss on new features that would be added to our application in the future so that we can adjust our work plan to better suit the expectation of the final product.

Week 9 (11–17 Oct, 2021)

The team has agreed to proceed further with the company registration as our prospect partner required us to do so. The business team has contacted and submitted all the documents needed for the registration to the freelancer who would help us with the process. We are now currently waiting for our documents to be processed which will take approximately 7–14 days.

part of the document containing our research objective, participants’ details, and interview questions

Week 10 (18–24 Oct, 2021)

This week the UX/UI team has been working according to the work plan and timeline. We have finally found 5 participants for the UX research interview as planned. 3 we have already interviewed and the other 2 are scheduled for interviews this coming Monday (25 Oct 2021). I find the feedbacks very insightful. So far, all of the participants we have interviewed do not have any issues with the flow of the website, but rather with the payment system of the website which they stated is a bit complicated and time-consuming. They also stated that they like the current design of the website and they feel that the beige color, which is the main color of the website, gives off a warm feeling. Our plan for next week is to analyze all the insights we received from the user interview and finalize the user persona and the storyboard.

UX/UI team work plan for the user research stage

Week 11 (25–31 Oct, 2021)

For week 11, after completing the interview with 5 users about the website as planned, I extracted the data from the audio recording and analyzed the insights, and found that all of the objectives of the user interview are met. The key insights that I got from the interview are that all of the users do not have any problem with the flow nor the design of the website, but almost all of them have a problem with the payment system which they stated takes too much time. Some also complained about the online-offline status of the vet as they often experience a situation where the vet’s status is online but the vet isn’t online.

Week 12 (01–07 Nov, 2021)

For this week, the UX/UI team continued working on the wireframe and the sketching of the developing web app/application. As the user flow did not need to be adjusted that much as according to the interview, no users have any problem with it. For this reason, the flow and the wireframe of the application is still stay kind of similar to the current website. In addition, I have also finalized the color palette and the font that will be used for the UI design as well. The task for next week is to start working on the detailed design of the website/application.

Week 13 (08–14 Nov, 2021)

This week the UX/UI team has been assigned to create the user flow of the application as requested by the Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University. Therefore, we temporary halted our progress on the detailed design of our new application’s User Interfaces. The hospital want us to demonstrate the user flow of the application in 3 services including telemedicine, online drug prescription and delivery, and the payment system of the whole hospital. The user flow need to be customized and adjusted from our original flow a little as there are some specific requirements that the hospital wants. For example, for the telemedicine, the hospital plan to mainly serve only its regular customers such as those with pets with chronic diseases and passcode is required for the user to be able to access the service. The UX/UI team needed to design the user flow for both the user side and the vet side, as well as the admin side for all 3 services. I found designing the flow for the payment system a little difficult as I don’t know if there are any limitations that need to be concerned when designing the flow.

some part of the user flow for Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University

Week 14 (15–21 Nov, 2021)

For this week, the main focus of the UX/UI team is still on the user flow and the system design of both the new application and the site for Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University. I have continued working on the user flow of the application as requested by them, focusing more on the payment system and user flow for telemedicine service for the vet side this week. In addition, the UX/UI team, the business team, and the developer had a meeting together to discuss on the flow that we have been working on to see if there are any issues or loopholes that we need to fix.

the new application’s user flow



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