Product Entreprenuerisation II 2/2021 — SOPet Weekly Report

Bhakamol Intanil
10 min readJan 16, 2022

— Bhakamol Intanil, 6258056556 / Chief Design Officer, Co-Founder of SOPet

Week 1 ( Jan 17-Jan 23, 2022)

Last week the team and I went to Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University to discuss the possibility of our collaboration in developing an application for the hospital. My main responsibility for this project would be to design the customer journey and user interface of the application. We were now waiting for their decision so there was not much for me to do this week. However, the team has decided to change the working priority for a bit and decided to prioritize the development of e-commerce and e-manual site for our VBC Kit Tech instead. My responsibility is again to design the custmer journey and the user interface of the application. We are having a discussion with them this coming Monday to hear further information and requirement from them.

The team’s visit to the Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University

Week 2 ( 24 Jan-30 Jan, 2022)

On Monday this week the team had a meeting with VBC Kit Tech, a subsidiary company of CUVet, which sell numerous animal related equipments, about our potential collaboration. They are interested in selling their products on our “PetMall” site. Apart from that, the team also had a meeting to discuss on our expansion plan, which is the development of “PetMall” website, an e-commerce site for selling pet related product to our users. The website is planned to be integrated with our current telemedicine website in the future to improve the experience for our current consultation service. User would be able to buy products recommended by vet through our website right after the consultation. Our meeting this week focused setting the timeline, milestones, and KPIs for the project, both for the whole team and for each department. Therefore, my task for this week was mainly to create a work plans, milestones, KPIs for the development of the UX/UI of the “PetMall” website.

Week 3 ( 31 Jan-06 Feb, 2022)

This week I have been working according to the work plan that I created, which is to design the user interfaces for the home page and browse products/product list page. Apart from that, I have also attended the team’s physical team meeting that was held at the faculty on Monday. The meeting was held for each member to update and share their work plan as the current progress for the “PetMall” project. We also had a meeting with a professors who CUVet who are responsible for our project together with VBC as well. The meeting with professors was to discuss and update on the development progress of the project as well as to inquire some additional questions. On Thursday me and the team had a meeting with p’Tim, our mentor for this semester, for the first time. As it was our first time meeting, the meeting was mostly only consist of self and company introduction session.

some part of the UI for PetMall’s home page that I designed

Week 4 ( 07 Feb-13 Feb, 2022)

In week 4, I continued working on the UX/UI of the PetMall website as planned. For this week, my working focused on designing the the user interfaces for the pages “cart” and “check out” of the website, as well as making some minor adjustments to the pages I designed in the previous week. Apart from that, I also had a talk with our front end developer and he guided me on the process of creating ‘design system’, which is a tool that allows me to work more efficiently when working on a UX/UI project. I found this very insightful and useful. As for now, the UX/UI of the PetMall is almost 100% completed, what is left to be done is to finalize the design and the final appearance of the website and adjusting some details, as well as checking with VBC. In addition, the team and I also created a sprint planning for our another project which is the ‘AI smart check system’ as assigned by p’Tim, our mentor.

some of the UI pages that I designed

Week 5 ( 14 Feb-20 Feb, 2022)

The user interface of the PetMall website that I have been working on for the last 2 weeks was almost completed. For this week, I mainly focused on adjusting minor design details of the user interface as well as experimenting on creating and improving design system as I was guided by our front end developer. I also attended the team’s weekly meeting to update on the progress of the UI that I have been working on to the team as well as discussed with the developer about the UI and further development of the website. Apart from that, in this week meeting with our mentor’s p’Tim, he introduced us to a framework called ‘value preposition canvas’ and let us make one for our AI SmartCheck for pet project. He then helped us check and improve our canvas. The framework helped a lot in guiding me and the team with the direction of project as well as pointed out things that we may have missed during the development process.

value preposition canvas that me and the team brainstormed together during our mentoring session

Week 6 ( 21 Feb-27 Feb, 2022)

This week I let our front-end developer have a check again on the UI design that I have been working on to see if they are ready to be handed over for further development. Overall, the design is fine but the developer suggested me to add some empty state UI pages and maybe adjust the design system so those were what I did for this week. Apart from that, I attended a meeting with VBC to update on our working progress on Friday. I showed them the UI design of PetMall website that we will sell there products through and they were satisfied with the design. However, they requested me to add an additional designs of their own landing page within our website. As for the task next week, I will start brainstorming on the design of e-manual system for VBC as well as create a work plan for these additional pages requested by them.

In addition, I also helped the team improved the value preposition canvas that p’Tim let us create last week and gave some commented, as well as improve on the sprint plan.

Week 7 ( 28 Feb-06 Mar, 2022)

This week, the front end developer commented that even though the User Interface design is ok, we still lack some UX work as e-commerce website often required a very detailed flow and he suggested that we should separate into the UX team and the UI team so each team can focus better on their tasks. Therefore, me and the business team had a talk together to decide if we want to recruit a UI designer to the team to share the workload and speed up the working process. We later had a talk with this prospect designer, who is a friend of the front end developer and decided to welcome her to the team. She will be mostly responsible for the UI design of the PetMall website and futures project while me and Best Kophong will be responsible for for the design of user experience. Apart from that, I also prepared some questions for the additional UX reseach with VBC in this coming Monday.

Week 8 ( 07 Mar-13 Mar, 2022)

On Monday this week, I had a meeting with VBC Kit Tech to update the progress of the UX/UI design of the PetMall website, as well as to inquire them on some additional information and requirement needed to further develop the UI. Apart from that, I also started working on my part for SOPet other project, which is the ‘AI Smart Form’. This week I came up with and listed out questions needed for the UX and UI design of the site to inquire with the vet that is responsible for the making of the decision tree that will be used to develop the form. I also started working on some of the UX as I started creating the flow of the site and started drafting some wireframe. I don’t think that there is many UI pages needed to be designed for this Smart Form project as it is just a simple form for user to answer some questions so I expect that I can finish this work early.

Week 9 ( 14 Mar-20 Mar, 2022)

This week I continued working on the user flow and the wireframe of the AI Smart Form project. I drafted the rough wireframe for all the pages that needed to be designed. I also had a meeting with the working with us on the development of the decision tree for the form to inquire some additional information and ask if he has any suggestion with the flow and wireframe that I design. He said he is fine with the flow so the next step for me is to start designing the detailed UI. As for PetMall, I and Best Kophong started designing e-manual for some of the test kits, as well as creating wireframe for the pages that were additionally requested by VBC.

As for the mentoring session with p’TIm, we didn’t have a meeting with him this week but we did finished all the tasks he assigned during the previous session, which is to finish all the tasks in sprint #1 in according to our sprint plan.

some of the user flow and wireframe for AI Smart Form project

Week 10 ( 21 Mar-27 Mar, 2022)

After finishing the flow and the wireframe of the AI Smart Form project and checked with the vet. I started designing the detailed UI of the site. As there are not many pages to design, the UI design is almost complete. There are only some points that I noted which I will fix and finish them within next week. For PetMall project, since we decided to hire an experienced out source designer for the UI of the project as e-commerces site has many details which needed to be designed very carefully, I had a meeting with her to discuss the working process. What we have done this week are collecting information on suitable colors of the site by doing survey on Instagram, as well as improving the design system.

As for a mentoring session with p’Tim, he checked our progress of the sprint plan and ask us if there are any challenges we encountered and how did we face them. Since the major challenges are that the vet and the developers are currently kind of busy, which obstructed us in following the progress in our sprint plan, he suggested us to created a new version of sprint plan and so we did.

Some pages of the AI Smart Form

Week 11 ( 28 Mar-03 Apr, 2022)

This week I continued working on the detailed UI of the AI Smart Form. I completed most of the pages. There are some pages left I just thought of that should be added such as symptoms summary page before submitting the form, or the comfirmation page before closing the form mid way. I also listed out some minor details that need to be added further such as how will the confirmation pop up looks like or the selected button/button when cursor are hovered over.

Apart from that, for the PetMall project, I continued working on the sitemap and the wireframe of the additional pages. This week we didn’t have a mentoring session with p’Tim as he asked to reschedule the meeting to be on Wednesday morning of next week instead.

AI Smart Form UI pages

Week 12 ( 04 Apr-10 Apr, 2022)

For this week, I focused on working on PetMall project rather than the AI SmartForm as the fundamental UI design for the AI Smart Form is nearly finished. Therefore, this week I have been working on the sitemap and wireframe of the PetMall website as requested by the freelancer. I finished them and checked with her. She started working on her UI part according to my wireframe as well as requested me to design a wireframe for a few more additional pages, such as sign up / log in, and order tracking pages, which I will continue working on in the coming week.

The team has also worked on the assignment from AIS x JUMP bootcamp together. The assignment was to list out our potential target markets as well as creating 3 different user personas. I found this a good opportunities to review and be reminded for SOPet to focus on the right group of customer.

PetMall’s wireframe that I have been working on

Week 13 ( 11 Apr-17 Apr, 2022) — SONGKRAN DAY

Week 14 ( 18 Apr-24 Apr, 2022)

After I had a meeting with the UI designer, she has requested me to make some additional wireframe for the payment procress and order status pages, in which I did. Also, together with Best Kophong, I have been making the presentation requested by VBC Kit Tech on our collaboration and the PetMall project, in which VBC will use to present on the Veterinary Conference in the coming week.

Apart from that, I have been continued working on the UI and the flow of the AI Smart Form Project as well as checked and adjusted the working prototype (linked UI pages) that Kul has been working on . The prototype will be validated by the vet to see if there is anything needed to be fixed or added.