Product Entreprenuerisation II 2/2021 — SOPet Weekly Report

— Bhakamol Intanil, 6258056556 / Chief Design Officer, Co-Founder of SOPet

Week 1 ( Jan 17-Jan 23, 2022)

The team’s visit to the Small Animal Hospital Chulalongkorn University

Week 2 ( 24 Jan-30 Jan, 2022)

Week 3 ( 31 Jan-06 Feb, 2022)

some part of the UI for PetMall’s home page that I designed

Week 4 ( 07 Feb-13 Feb, 2022)

some of the UI pages that I designed

Week 5 ( 14 Feb-20 Feb, 2022)

value preposition canvas that me and the team brainstormed together during our mentoring session

Week 6 ( 21 Feb-27 Feb, 2022)

In addition, I also helped the team improved the value preposition canvas that p’Tim let us create last week and gave some commented, as well as improve on the sprint plan.

Week 7 ( 28 Feb-06 Mar, 2022)

Week 8 ( 07 Mar-13 Mar, 2022)

Week 9 ( 14 Mar-20 Mar, 2022)

As for the mentoring session with p’TIm, we didn’t have a meeting with him this week but we did finished all the tasks he assigned during the previous session, which is to finish all the tasks in sprint #1 in according to our sprint plan.

some of the user flow and wireframe for AI Smart Form project

Week 10 ( 21 Mar-27 Mar, 2022)

As for a mentoring session with p’Tim, he checked our progress of the sprint plan and ask us if there are any challenges we encountered and how did we face them. Since the major challenges are that the vet and the developers are currently kind of busy, which obstructed us in following the progress in our sprint plan, he suggested us to created a new version of sprint plan and so we did.

Some pages of the AI Smart Form

Week 11 ( 28 Mar-03 Apr, 2022)

Apart from that, for the PetMall project, I continued working on the sitemap and the wireframe of the additional pages. This week we didn’t have a mentoring session with p’Tim as he asked to reschedule the meeting to be on Wednesday morning of next week instead.

AI Smart Form UI pages

Week 12 ( 04 Apr-10 Apr, 2022)

The team has also worked on the assignment from AIS x JUMP bootcamp together. The assignment was to list out our potential target markets as well as creating 3 different user personas. I found this a good opportunities to review and be reminded for SOPet to focus on the right group of customer.

PetMall’s wireframe that I have been working on

Week 13 ( 11 Apr-17 Apr, 2022) — SONGKRAN DAY

Week 14 ( 18 Apr-24 Apr, 2022)

Apart from that, I have been continued working on the UI and the flow of the AI Smart Form Project as well as checked and adjusted the working prototype (linked UI pages) that Kul has been working on . The prototype will be validated by the vet to see if there is anything needed to be fixed or added.



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